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Demonstrating The Evolution of the Idea...and Beyond!

The Museum of Interesting Things
is a traveling interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques and inventions
inspiring innovation and creativity - learning from the past to create a better future.

A Traveling Show! We can do your next Event or Private Shows - at our location or yours!
Call or e-mail for details

Schools, hospitals, universities, galleries, parties, libraries, anywhere with a room and people, we'll bring things!

We are a traveling show -Like a circus...just no elephants



Microscope Slides
Field Microscope
*Weeden Steam


Atom Box Kit

*Stirling Engine*


Telegraph Keyer


Solar System


Telegraph Keyer

WW2 Carrier / Homing Pigeon
Metal Transport Cage


(Kids Graphics)

Osborne 1
Portable Computer


WW2 Carrier / Homing Pigeon
Wood Transport Cage

WW2 Pigeon Parachute

WW2 Pigeon Harness


Gilbert Microscope Set


Erector Set

Gilbert Magic Set
Thank You Emily, Mike & Frank of American Pickers/Antique Archeology for this one and for being so sweet to us! If you have not seen American Pickers yet then go right now to History Channel and check them out! I actually went to the store and bought this set there. You may wanna try the website, much easier. Gilbert also invented the Erector Set.
wood Erector Set
Hezzanith Quintant
Flint Stones


Bullet Mold


The Family
Fallout Shelter

WW2 Lionel
Binnacle Compass
Irradiated Dime
Heathkit Hero
Atomic Energy Ring
We'd like to thank Max N
for this kind donation and caption!
We'd like to thank Max N
for this kind donation and caption!
Nasa Mechanic Jump suit
Tesla Coil
This caption by Max N