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Demonstrating The Evolution of the Idea...and Beyond!

The Museum of Interesting Things
is a traveling interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques and inventions
inspiring innovation and creativity - learning from the past to create a better future.

A Traveling Show! We can do your next Event or Private Shows - at our location or yours!
Call or e-mail for details

Schools, hospitals, universities, galleries, parties, libraries, anywhere with a room and people, we'll bring things!

We are a traveling show -Like a circus...just no elephants


Mayor Bloomberg checks out a Mini Cylinder Phonograph from 1905
from The Museum of Interesting Things with Denny.
We forgot the Horn and used a Museum brochure as a substitue.
Looked funny, worked fine!

We also have a workshop
for Conventions & Conferences
for Educators and Administrators
click to view a clip call us to book

Cy Curnin of the band The Fixx Testimonial
"Saved by Zero" "Red Skies"

Leon Redbone Testimonial

Joe Franklin plays with antiques!

Brad Meltzer of History Channel's Decoded
opens a cool box! Click pic for video:

Brad plays a cylinder phonograph

Adam Savage of Mythbusters opens a Magic Lantern

Anderson Cooper with our Mighty Tiny LP player, the world's smallest LP player

Mike Peters of the band The Alarm Testimonial
"I Love the Rain in the Summertime" "68 Guns"

Cy Curnin of the band The Fixx Opens a box

Joey Ramone's brother Mickey Leigh has a new book and band
I saw him at the WLIR anniversary where he posed with our
newest item, an early pocket phonograph!


Featured on NY1 News, super sweet of them!
Click logo to see, and Please Comment and show them some luv :)

The Museum was featured on the PBS show
"Here's the Story" the episode - "Still Crazy After All These Years"
Click here to watch, we are the 2nd half of the show - at 18min:45 secs

Check out the video Maker Faire made for us!
It is way cool and shows some new unseen items!
click here

Check Out Our Cameo on the History Channel's Pawn Stars
which aired recently, Our episode is called "Spare the Rodman"

Check Out Our Cameo on the Science Channel which aired recently
on the Show Oddities, Our episode is called THE POWER OF A GREY SKULL


Some of my favorite Radio Station DJ's Mailbu Sue, Larry the Duck & Rosie Pisani of WLIR
at the Anniversary party shooting for a documentary on WLIR look out for it!
click image to watch a video of the kind words they said about the Museum
click here for a pic



The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
click to watch VIDEO


click on each picture below to view the picture larger

Funky Space TV's
& 1st Portable Computer

Desiree & conch hearing aid!

Kids & Gabrielle

Julie, Can you hear me Now!

Kids enjoy cool stuff!

Kids communicate with computer

Intrepid Hoist

Desiree & speaking tube
from Obscura

Liberty Science Center
Harold demos Liquid Nitrogen

Our stuff Hoisted down

Jenkinson Aquarium Penguin
winters in NY




LinkEd at New York University

Click to watch Video


click on each picture below to view the picture larger

Drew shows kids the Telegraph

TMIT & parents & kids

James shows off Brick Cell phone

Story Pirates have fun

Tap Dancers

Rachel treats us well :)





St. Peter's Lutheran School

Click to watch Video


click on each picture below to view the picture larger

Kalliope Music Player

The Edison Cylinder Demo

Class wants more!

Edison Too Loud for you?

Hearing Aid

Kids, Can you hear me now?

Mr Frankie can you hear me Now!

Steam Engine Demo

Cell Phone?

Mr. Frankie

Wood Box Telephone Demo

Wanna trade Cellphones?




The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
click to watch VIDEO



click on each picture below to view the picture larger

The Edison Cylinder Record

The Edison Cylinder Demo

Engine moves boy

My Engine & Intrepid's

Foghorn & Kids

More Kids, More Foghorn!

Stereo Stereo Viewer

Kids Enjoy & Stereo Viewer

Pick Me!

Roller Coaster

She sells hearing aids
By the sea shore

Denny & Stereoscope


I said...Telegraph


Tesla, Boo!



Immaculate Conception Camp July 2010

We would like to thank
New York Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.

For his participation in our exhibition
And his wonderful support of the school & camp

Click to watch VIDEO

Immaculate Conception Camp video

click to watch video


click on each picture to view picture larger

The kids all used 1800's kodak!

Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.
shoots Denny
Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.
decides he'd better scoot now

A cell phone

Kids master a wood Telephone

How do you quiet a victrola?

I have the answer...


Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.
1 Love

Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.1
& Kid 1

All's well...

Kids touch 300 yr old bible scroll

TV magnifier, this could be BIG

Easy like Butter...Churn
Alexis loses a quarter
for 1800's scale demo

Tribune photag & Peter






National Night Out Against Crime - 9th Precinct, NYC
click to watch VIDEO

Police 9th Precinct NYC

Thank You WEBSTER HALL NYC for Sponsoring
The Museum of Interesting Things at this event!!!


click on each picture to view picture larger

Family hears Edison Phonograph
Senator C. Schumer & Denny
1890's Camera

Microscope Kids


Girl & Victrola Phonograph

Questions anyone

Museum Table

Kids, are your eyes closed?

Can You Hear Me Now

Our Fearless Leader

NYS Senator D. Squadron




The Solomon Schechter School of Queens NYC
click to watch VIDEO


click on each picture to view picture larger

Touching Printers Plate
Touching Printers Plate
Turning Butter Churn

Touching Edison Cylinder LP

Touching Edison Cylinder LP

Answer the Telephone

Can you hear me now!

Touching Genesis Bible Scroll

Touching Genesis Bible Scroll

Demo Phonograph

Touching Edison Cylinder LP

Kids Press Camera Shutter



Hillel Day Camp
click to watch VIDEO


Hillel Day Camp
click on each picture to view picture larger

Touching Edison Cylinder LP
Edison Phonograph
Extending Telephone

Touching Glass Negative

Conch Hearing Aid


Touching 1880's Camera

Touching Rollercoaster

Put a Sock in it

Demo Steam Engine

Demo Stethoscope

Demo Telephone